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The Malaysian Business Council of Dubai is a non-profit, business issues oriented organization dedicated to improving the private sector perspective on issues that affect our two nations. The council provides information to support unrestricted trade and investment between Malaysia and UAE, promote a healthy, open and productive business environment between the two countries and also a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas for business and government leaders in Malaysia and the UAE. The MBC represents Malaysia business interests in Dubai, whilst maintaining strong ties with the leadership of the communities in which our members live and work.

The council is comprised of members from all sectors of business and industry. The board of directors is responsible for the strategic vision of the organization and for assuring strong alliances with Malaysia and UAE government officials, giving greater voice to the membership at large.

The Council is a membership based organization, and its focus lies in providing value-added services to corporate members in Malaysia, UAE, and around the world. Each year the Council also celebrates innovative cross-border partnerships through its prestigious Malaysian Business Awards for Business Achievement.

The MBC holds monthly meetings, luncheons and events, to facilitate networking and collaboration among members, as well as providing valuable information.


The Malaysia Business Council of Dubai is a non-profit making, voluntary association of individuals and companies whose objectives are:

To promote the development of commerce and investment between Malaysia and Dubai.

To strive to bring a better awareness of Malaysian businesses, products, and services in Dubai.

To provide a forum for Malaysian business and Malaysian Business interests, and acts as an advocate for the enhancement of the business climate within UAE.

To provide a forum in which Malaysian business executives in Dubai and business executives with Malaysian interests may identify, discuss and pursue common interests regarding their activities.

To work with individuals and organizations in Dubai on matters of mutual interest.

To heighten awareness of Dubai’s commercial position in the Middle East among the Malaysian business community.

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